Friday, October 15, 2010

Aptoide, Installous for Android

Have you been looking for an equivalent application of Installous for your Android device? Look what I found! Aptoide client allows you to add software repository servers, which you will then be able to download the application listed by each repository.

The more repository you have connected to Aptoide, the longer the list of application that you have to choose from. Not that I'm condoning app piracy, but some repository do show paid application. Of course that doesn't give you good reason not to support the developer of your favourite app. Nevertheless, it is a very handy application for Android users who does not live in countries where Google Checkout supports.

The default repository in Aptoide may show less than 10 apps. To view more apps, the user will have to add their favourite repository. These repository are what I used and I think I have at least 1000-2000 apps listed since then.

While several thousands of apps sounds like a long list, the fact is that Android market has a very much larger amount of apps in it. There is a great chance that you may not find your desired app through Aptroide, so don't rely on it religiously.

This is the screen which shows Aptdroid is pulling a long list of apps from repositories. Quite pitifully, Aptdroid is not a mature application yet. I waited way more than 10 minutes to get Aptdroid out of this update screen each time I wanted to refresh the list of apps.

The app is usable but no where to be user-friendly. Let me give you a scenario; You were browsing a long list of apps, you used your miserable finger to drag all the way to the 'M' section and you were curious about MSN Talk app. You clicked on it, read its description on Market and found it isn't your interest. You got back to Aptdroid and you scream WT_. Your list is back to the beginning, starting with numbers and 'A'.

Little imperfections but hey, it's a free Market substitute and you can't be complaining much! Just give it a try. Meanwhile, I will test other alternatives and make a review. Click here to jump to Aptoide's homepage

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Aptoide has an update that changes the perspective:

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